Wedding Ceremonies are emotional!

“I’m going to be an absolute mess”, “I always cry at weddings, how will I be at my own wedding?”, “There’s no way I will be able to get through my vows”.

These are just a handful of comments that I hear from my wonderful couples as they prepare and plan for their upcoming wedding ceremony. And this is absolutely normal! It’s no surprise – after all the planning, time and effort that you have put into one of the biggest days of your lives. It’s OK to feel a little anxious and worried in the lead-up to your wedding day as to how you may be.

The take home message here is that you really don’t know how you will be on the day. Often brides will tell me that they will be really emotional and then surprise themselves by being incredibly composed. I’ve seen grooms with a tough “alpha-male” exterior pen their own beautiful personal vows, and then completely lose it during the ceremony. Some couples express their emotions with fits of spontaneous laughter, or stand frozen on the spot, overcome by the excitement and enormity of the day.

Remember on your wedding day you are surrounded by all of your most treasured and loving families and friends. They are there for you. They are there because they have touched and shaped your lives in some way. They are there to support you and celebrate with you. They are smiling as you make your way down the aisle, they are there shedding a happy tear, or two, as you exchange your wedding vows with your partner. They are there with a handkerchief, tissues, or a gentle squeeze that will always carry more meaning than any words.

Try not to anticipate or worry about how emotional you may be during your wedding ceremony. Whatever happens, just go with it. Take a moment. There’s no rush. A great celebrant will recognise this and pause during the ceremony, support you as you gain composure, offer you a handkerchief and give you a reassuring smile. Oh, and I’m always on make-up watch too – no panda eyes for my brides!!

Your wedding day will be emotional – filled with tears and laughter, often all at once! And that’s what makes us human, who we are, and how we connect with each other. This is how memories are made. Memories of love that will last a lifetime, and beyond.