Yes, you do receive a marriage certificate on your wedding day. It’s officially called the “presentation certificate”. It looks a little fancy and it’s printed with your celebrant’s name, location of your wedding, your full names, and the date of your wedding. Typically during the “signing” part of your ceremony you and your partner will sign the certificate, alongside your two witnesses. Most people do this part within their ceremony, but you can also do this after your ceremony. This is also a fabulous time to take a moment with each other, to sit down and breathe, to have a chat, and a laugh. It’s great to have some music playing whilst you are signing the marriage certificate to enhance the atmosphere and to signify that the ceremony isn’t over just yet. During or after the official “signing” is the perfect photo opportunity to capture the moment with your witnesses. You may choose to sign your marriage certificate after your ceremony if you’re not really into this ceremonial part, you might want to get your party started, or the weather may guide this decision for you.

Marriage Certificate Hot Tip

I’m sure you agree that no-one wants to lose their marriage certificate! So here’s a tip, if you are marrying at a venue and then moving to a different venue for your reception it’s a really good idea to nominate a trusted person to take care of your marriage certificate. Let your celebrant know who that person is so that she can pass on this important document before she leaves. This might be a parent or a family member or friend who has a car at the ceremony. Or someone who has a special bag to put important “things” into. Doing this ensures that everyone knows exactly where your wedding certificate is, and eliminates any panic and confusion the next day. Your marriage certificate is safe and sound.

I always place your wedding certificate in a sealed clear, plastic envelope and then into a silver or purple folder to ensure it stays dry, flat and easily accessible when you need to find it again!!

Do we need to obtain another wedding certificate?

Your presentation marriage certificate is evidence that you are married. It is a numbered document that must have your details recorded by your celebrant. However, it is not enough evidence to change your name on your drivers licence and passport. For more information about marriage paperwork find out more here