The process of how we design a fabulous marriage ceremony together

The process: How we design a fabulous marriage ceremony together

My role as your celebrant is to guide you through your marriage ceremony from beginning to end.

As part of the process, I collaborate with you to design an individual personalised fabulous marriage ceremony that’s a true reflection of you are and the love you share, incorporating your own beliefs, culture and personalities.

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Getting to know you both

Let’s meet up at a venue that works well for us all. It might be at your home, a café or a bar

If it’s more convenient, we can chat over Skype.

So, what is important to you in your wedding ceremony?

This is when we chat about your wedding ceremony plans.

What or who is important to you?

What traditions do you wish to include?

Every couple is different and I acknowledge, respect and appreciate this.

We then talk about wedding ceremony ideas, resources and inspiration. I give you a time line and ceremony framework and you start some fun wedding ceremony homework.

It’s then time to tell me your story. Give me as much or as little details as you like! But I promise, more details make for a more personal, fabulous ceremony!

Then I offer Wedding Ideas and a Checklist.

We’ll talk about the legal wording you need to say, and I ask you lots of questions

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Formalising and firming up details

We get together for another catch-up when we complete the legal paperwork (NOIM).

We chat about the content, logistics and special people in your marriage ceremony.

If you’ve got any questions or need some help writing your wedding vows, let me know. That’s what I’m here for!

I get cracking on writing your personal wedding ceremony draft incorporating the information you have given me. I’ll email it to you and you are free to make any changes, additions or deletions. We go back and forth until you are really, really happy. 

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What about a wedding rehearsal?

If you want to do a rehearsal I’m 100% with you. Some people feel more comfortable having a rehearsal whilst others are more spontaneous types. But you’ll know how everything will go, as we a chat about a week before, to confirm all the logistics and details.

Whatever you choose your wedding ceremony will be fabulous because you designed it.

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On your wedding day …

I will give you a fabulous folder which includes…

Your marriage certificate,

An fancy copy of your wedding ceremony and

Info about changing your name (if you want to!)

Remember you own your wedding ceremony and can choose to write your own wedding vows.

Your wedding ceremony sets the tone for the rest of the day and can include personal stories and involve the people you love. Make it as enjoyable, joyous and relaxed as you want it to be. Let’s celebrate love.

You can choose for me to apply for your official wedding certificate (so you can change your name) and it will arrive in the mail about 6 weeks after your wedding.