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How to find a great wedding celebrant

With 10 years of photographing weddings in Melbourne and the Yarra Valley under his belt, Simon Woodcock of Wedding Snapper has attended countless civil and religious marriage ceremonies, varying in size from one guest through to 400 guests. We've worked together on...

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Do you receive a marriage certificate?

Yes, you do receive a marriage certificate on your wedding day. It's officially called the "presentation certificate". It looks a little bit fancy and it's printed with your celebrant's name, location of your wedding, your full names, and the date of your wedding....

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Six Top Wedding Invitation Tips

A wedding invitation or a “save the date” is your guests first impression of your wedding day. It sets the tone, creates excitement and provides anticipation for your big day. You want to encourage your guests to make a beeline to their calender and circle in your...

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How to choose your wedding date and time

“Congratulations on your engagement – there are so many exciting times ahead – so, when’s the big day?” This is one of the most common questions people will ask you after you have announced to the world that you are tying the knot. Once all the excitement has...

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Job Title: Marriage Celebrant, what is this exactly?

"So what do you do for a job?" I'm not sure why it is but I have been asked this more regularly over the last week, most recently at the hairdresser on Friday. This is not an unusual question, it's one you often ask someone when you meet them for the first time. My...

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Wedding Day Emotions – Laughter and Tears

Wedding Ceremonies are emotional! “I’m going to be an absolute mess”, “I always cry at weddings, how will I be at my own wedding?”, “There’s no way I will be able to get through my vows”. These are just a handful of comments that I hear from my wonderful couples as...

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Wedding Ceremony Traditions – What to do?

It’s that time of year in Wedding Ceremony Planning World when couples should be sitting back and chillaxing. That is, if they are getting married towards the end of this year – 2015. The big ones have been booked – the date, the venue, the celebrant, perhaps the...

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Wedding Ceremony Support Crew Gold

After months of planning and excitement your big day has finally arrived! Today is your wedding day and all the spreadsheets, supplier confirmations and lists are now done, it's time to get married! Here's my take home message for today...Designate a person who "knows...

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How long should a wedding ceremony be?

This is one of the most popular questions couples ask me as they begin their wedding ceremony planning. I'm sure we have all witnessed wedding ceremonies that feel like they go on FORever! And others, that seemingly passed by in a flash. Perhaps not because it lasted...

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Marriage Paperwork in Australia

Who doesn't love a TV or movie wedding? We all have our favourites and they range from inspirational, cheesy, romantic, or simply hilarious! We observe the dress, their vows and those hair do's! And we may also observe the certificate, or the "licence". Often, it's...

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This is it! Your Wedding Day has arrived!

We all know so much preparation goes into a wedding to make it just perfect. Everybody just wants to have a super day. Here are four handy tips for your wedding day to ensure that you are have a great time on one of the biggest days in your life... Here's some...

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