Common Wedding Ceremony Questions

Some commonly asked wedding ceremony questions…

Will you travel anywhere?

Yes, I’ve celebrated weddings in different cities, towns, interstate and internationally. The Yarra Valley is my specialty! I’m super familiar with many venues and suppliers in this area. Want to fly me to Paris for your wedding? I won’t say no!! Get in touch.

What venues do you celebrate weddings?

How far in advance should we book?

Wedding planning can extend anytime from 6 weeks to 3 years. Just like your desired venue, securing your preferred celebrant requires advance planning.

My tip: As soon as you book in your venue, book your celebrant and photographer.

I am often booked out 6-12 months in advance, particularly in March and November. Contact Me and I can check my calendar.

Do we have to have readings?

Not at all! And if you do have a wedding reading, it doesn’t have to be “lovey dovey” or cheesy, or religious!

It’s important to choose the words that suits you. You may have a favourite quote, a poem, or a song lyric that resonates and means something.

Some couples ask someone special to choose a reading for them.

Will you take care of all the wedding paperwork?

I sure will. We complete the Notice of Intent to Marry together well in advance of your wedding when we meet for the second time.

Do we have to fill out a marriage licence just like in the movies?

Doesn’t everyone love a wedding scene in a movie or on TV? In Australia, there’s no need to lodge a marriage licence. You only need to complete a Notice of Intent to Marry at least one month before your ceremony.

Do you have to ask does anyone object to this marriage in our ceremony?

No, it’s a bit old-fashioned, don’t you think? And could be a little bit awkward too.

What’s the earliest date we can get married?

One month before your chosen wedding date. You must complete the Notice of Intent to Marry form detailing your wedding date and give it to me.

We live overseas and won’t be back in Australia until a week before the wedding? Is this OK?

Yes, of course. I often chat to remote couples online. I have married couples from different countries including Sweden, Norway, the US, Colombia, the UK, Ireland, China, Cambodia and Vietnam.

You can complete the paperwork Notice of Intent to Marry overseas and get it witnessed by a prescribed authority.

My resources, inspiration and information will help you choose your ceremony content. It all comes together really well with the least amount of fuss and stress!

Should we have a wedding rehearsal?

Read my blog about it here

How long does a wedding ceremony go for?

Mmm…that depends…on you.

What is important to you? What do you wish to incorporate?

A wedding ceremony is around 20-30 minutes, which is a perfect balance of meaning and not going over the top.

My tip: you don’t want your wedding ceremony to go too fast!

But there’s no point including words in a ceremony to make it longer if they’ve got no meaning. Half an hour or so is a good amount of time to include all the legal words and all the words you love.

What makes a great wedding ceremony anyway?

More than anything, what contributes to a great wedding ceremony is you!

You and your partner’s story, personality and words about your relationship. Then add people who you love and you’ve got the recipe for a fabulous wedding ceremony. Collaboration and Communication is the key!

I also give you a list of “Thought-Provoking Questions” to guide you. The most important thing about your wedding ceremony? You need to be comfortable and happy with every part of it.

Do you do any wedding planning?

I am not a wedding planner or co-ordinator.

However, I’m so lucky to work every day alongside fabulous, professional suppliers. From photographers, venues, florists, cake-creators, videographers, make-up artists and wedding planners. I can put you in touch with some awesome local suppliers

What Are Your Terms of Payment?

  • Ceremony Bookings require 30% of the total payment to secure your desired date and time. This amount is non-refundable but transferable.
  • Payment can be made via cash or EFT
  • Balance of fee to be made 1 month before your ceremony or at your rehearsal
  • A confirmation letter with all the details will be emailed to you after you have said “yes let’s do this”
  • There is no travel fee for ceremonies in Melbourne and the Yarra Valley. For all other destinations, get in touch.