You Betcha!

Ok, there may be some exceptions to this statement, like if you are having a hot air balloon wedding, or if you are having a very small wedding, or if you aren’t having a bridal party. Every other time, it’s beneficial for couples, bridal parties, and your celebrant, to have a rehearsal.
But not everyone can get there!

True. Everyone is busy with work, families and life in general to make a special trip to your venue for your wedding rehearsal. This is not a problem at all. If just the couple can make it, that’s OK. It’s you, the couple, who will be making all the decisions about the wedding ceremony. So then you can just cascade all the details to your crew and VIP’s involved in your wedding. Or why not hold your rehearsal in a park closer by, or turn it into a get-together bbq/drinks in your backyard? With a little imagination, your garden shed can be the “fountain” or your clothesline, “the pergola” where you are getting married.

But I don’t want to take away from the spontaneity of my day!

Agreed! A wedding rehearsal does not entail your ceremony to be “word for word” but rather we discuss the space and location for your ceremony. If your ceremony venue does not have a designated space it’s really important to decide on the best position for your ceremony. Things to consider include the ground underfoot, the aspect, number of guests and the sun’s position at the time. We discuss where you would like to stand, where your bridal party stand, where your celebrant stand? It’s so important for you to be happy with all these elements so everyone knows what to expect on the day.

Finally, a wedding rehearsal is a great opportunity to visit your wedding venue before your wedding day. It will make you feel comfortable and happy that all of the preparations that you have put into your wedding day will ensure that your ceremony will be amazing!