A wedding invitation or a “save the date” is your guests first impression of your wedding day. It sets the tone, creates excitement and provides anticipation for your big day. You want to encourage your guests to make a beeline to their calender and circle in your wedding date – stat!! Here’s six top wedding invitation tips.

Not only is it important to nail the look you wish to evoke it’s important to ensure all the important details are included and they are correct!


The last thing you want is for your guests to be late to your wedding. Aunty Jan couldn’t find the venue, Cousin Emma couldn’t get a park, your besties in the cab drove the wrong way, or your habitually late friends lived up to their reputation! I’ve witnessed brides ready to walk down the aisle only to be stopped as late, often embarrassed guests mumble heartfelt apologies as they rush past to get to the ceremony space.

The days of a bride traditionally arriving late is a little old fashioned now. If you are conducting your wedding outdoors having your guests standing outside in extreme weather, whether it be heat, rain, or the really evil one, the wind, isn’t ideal. It’s uncomfortable and guests can become impatient – not a great start to your day.

If your wedding ceremony happens to begin 30 minutes later than you intended all your plans for the rest of your day will be pushed back. You don’t want to miss out on those cracking sunset photo opportunities, or sharing pre-dinner drinks with your guests, or chillout time with your bridal party, or dancing time later on.

Tip Number 1:

Think about what time you want to kick off your ceremony and then invite your guests at least 15 minutes before this. This gives guests some time to find that park, to be relaxed and mingle with other guests, and to potentially find a seat. This provides some leeway time for those guests who are always late to events.

Tip Number 2:

Make it even easier for your guests by inviting them at for example, 5.15pm for a 5.30pm ceremony. This wording informs guests that they need to be ready and waiting. It gives them some time leaving no doubt that the ceremony will begin at 5.30pm.

Tip Number 3:

Include a map of how to get to your venue and how to get to your ceremony space. This is really important particularly if your ceremony is not at a traditional wedding venue. Think at a beach, at a private venue, alongside a river bank, or in a field. Include where to park and any other important details.

Tip Number 4:

Give your guests some information or options as to how to get home at the end of the night. It can be tricky to get cabs in remote places, or on the fringes of a city (Yarra Valley or The Dandenongs come to mind). Let them know it’s important to book a cab before the day and provide the contact details to do so. Better still, book a bus to take your guests back to town or designated drop-off points back into the city.

Tip Number 5:

Give your guests different RSVP options. Whilst we can’t force guests RSVP make it as easy as possible for them to do so. Pop a pre-filled RSVP card in your invitation complete with postage stamp. Or set up a unique email for all your RSVP’s to go to a central address.

Tip Number 6:

This might be stating the obvious but I’ve seen mistakes made so many times. Check, check and re-check all the details. Show your wedding invitation draft to at least 3 different people to ensure all your details are correct. It can be very expensive to re-do your invitations, not to mention stressful, as you deal with limited time restrictions.

Follow all these wedding invitation tips to ensure you and your guests fully enjoy every minute of your wedding day – and it’s remembered for years to come.

Wedding Invitation Tips

Image: Courtesy of Little Sister Invitations