Right now in sunny Melbourne it feels like we’re stuck on a 12 hour long haul budget flight – with 4 hours still to go. Well, don’t we all wish we were heading to an amazing destination on a long haul flight? But we’re still in lockdown. And there are no weddings in Melbourne taking place right now. Whilst we’re still unclear as to exactly what weddings will look like from the 13th September it’s wise to keep in mind that things change quickly whilst we’re on this COVID roller coaster ride.

Sending a huge shout out to all the wonderful couples who have had to postpone their weddings (often more than twice) and those couples who are planning their upcoming wedding. To say it’s been super hard is a huge understatement. I’m constantly amazed by couples who have been so resilient and determined throughout this time as the goal posts have regularly moved at short notice. You’ve been forced into completely doing a 360, they’ve been flexible, open-minded and resilient. Plans have had to change (I can’t even bring myself to write the very over-used “pivot”).

As we move into the next stage, whatever that may look like, and however that may develop over time. Here are 5 tips that will ensure your wedding ceremony is amazing, regardless of how many guests you are able to have present.

Write your own vows. Even if you are having a small and intimate wedding ceremony. Personally written vows are vows written from your heart. They can be funny or serious or a combo. As long as they’re “you”. Don’t hold back. What do you love about your partner? What do you promise? What does your future look like together? You’ve got this chance, make them memorable and awesome. And no, don’t even think about trying to memorise them!

Video your ceremony! I’m a big fan. Video captures all those unplanned moments, those unfolding emotions, those unwritten moments. I can guarantee you won’t remember parts of your ceremony, no matter how long or short it is. You’ll be in the moment, and that’s where you should be. Video allows you to look back and re-visit your ceremony. Whether it be the next day, the next week or the next year. You’ll forever have a beautiful memories of your ceremony. Always choose a professional videographer but if you don’t have the numbers or the funds to have one, set up a tripod and do it yourself!

Select any day! Every day of the week is a great day for your wedding ceremony. With all these postponements it’s nearly impossible to secure a Saturday in Melbourne’s “wedding season” until at least 2022. Why not get married on a Tuesday? After this whole COVID thing your friends and families will be super understanding and won’t hesitate to take that mid week afternoon or day (or two!) off. Gone are the days where everyone worked 9 to 5 (Hi Dolly!). Now, more than ever workplaces are flexible and many people work shifts spanning all hours.

Wear an outfit you love! Wear clothes that you feel comfortable and fabulous in, ones that defines you, rather than what you should wear! Sure, I’m personally partial to anything sparkly or shimmery with a matching heel, but equally you might feel happier in cool runners and a t-shirt. Make a statement of your personal style, whatever that might be. The fashion police won’t be in attendance, I promise!

Choose your wedding suppliers wisely. Your wedding ceremony support crew are worth their weight in gold. Don’t just choose them based on a cool instagram photo. Do your research, ask around your trusted circle, ask other suppliers, ask your venue. Talk to your friends about the wedding suppliers they treasured, and ones that they didn’t. Because, regardless of how big or small your wedding ceremony is, engaging wedding suppliers who work together to the same high professional standard and who know the local area well, is super important. Your wedding ceremony and day will happen seamlessly, logistics will just work, every possible scenario has been thought out, plan a, b, c, d and e has been discussed. To ensure that you, most importantly, can kick back, relax, and really enjoy your day together.

Sure, these COVID times have thrown up some mighty challenges, but love and commitment is as strong as ever, and nothing will stop your milestone moments from being truly amazing and memorable – regardless of how many guests you are allowed to have at your wedding ceremony.