It’s that time of year in Wedding Ceremony Planning World when couples should be sitting back and chillaxing. That is, if they are getting married towards the end of this year – 2015.

The big ones have been booked – the date, the venue, the celebrant, perhaps the photographer, the videographer, the florist and the cake

Dresses and attire has been discussed, possibly chosen, or on their way. Then there’s all the other things depending upon what floats your boat.

And it’s the perfect time to think about the content, details and logistics of your wedding ceremony. Cosy up on the lounge, head away somewhere fabulous for the weekend, or go out for dinner to your special place.

All of us arrive at the point of planning a wedding ceremony with pre-conceived ideas in our minds about what makes a wedding ceremony. Influencing factors from the media, the movies, and our families and friends all contribute to framing our ideas as to what exactly makes the ideal wedding ceremony and which wedding ceremony traditions to incorporate. Everyone has an opinion.

Do any of these comments sound familiar?

“What do you mean you’re not going to wear a veil?”

“Dad would really like to stand up and give you away”

“You must invite Cousin Audrey”

“You have to have an even number of bridesmaids and groomsmen in your bridal party”

“Do we really have to say honour and obey”

“Most wedding ceremonies I’ve attended to have been boring”

Here’s my hot tip – listen to all these well-meaning opinions and advice, take them on board, and then both decide what is best for you, what suits you and what you feel comfortable with. This may involve compromise, patience and heart-felt discussions. And that’s OK, it’s important to have these discussions well before your big day.

The beauty of an Australian civil ceremony is you don’t have to do any of these things above if you don’t want to (well, I’m not sure about inviting Cousin Audrey). Talk to each other about what is important to you and make your decisions from there. Ask questions of your celebrant about suggestions, inspiration and resources. Stamp your personalities on your ceremony. In my experience, these ones are the best and the most memorable, personal and heart-felt, not necessarily the ones that are the wackiest.

With exception of the legal wording there are no rules. The best ceremonies are the ones that reflect you both and the love you share with the wedding ceremony traditions that mean the most to you.