After months of planning and excitement your big day has finally arrived!

Today is your wedding day and all the spreadsheets, supplier confirmations and lists are now done, it’s time to get married!

Here’s my take home message for today…Designate a person who “knows it all”at your wedding ceremony – this person is GOLD.

Let me explain…Mostly, grooms and their grooms-people arrive at a wedding ceremony before their brides. Sometimes grooms are nervous, distracted or incredibly excited and may inadvertently forget about the important details. Sometimes couples arrange their weddings independently of their families and don’t cascade important information to them that they may need to know. Sometimes there isn’t a wedding planner, a wedding coordinator or a rehearsal.

This “know it all” “go to” GOLD person will know where the ipod is to play the ceremony music, they know that Auntie Jan needs to be sitting in the front row, they can introduce you to Cousin Emma who is doing a ceremony reading, and they know that they are responsible for taking the wedding certificate. They know everything. And will communicate this important info to your celebrant.

Often this person is a groomsperson, or it may be a great friend, or a trusted family member. It is someone who is there prior to the ceremony, someone who may often be described as responsible, organised and “on the ball”. Someone who you can completely trust. Someone who holds onto that spreadsheet with their heart and their life (!)

This “go to”person will also be a fabulous asset after your ceremony if you are having family photographs. I’m sure you know that it’s super important to create a family photograph list for your photographer, but equally as important is someone who is present who knows most of your family members. This is so they can identify and rustle them up and your fabulous family pics are captured in a relaxed and efficient manner.

Three cheers and a GOLD star for your wedding ceremony “go to” person!

(And a rather large glass, or two, of champagne!)