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Marriage Paperwork in Australia

Who doesn't love a TV or movie wedding? We all have our favourites and they range from inspirational, cheesy, romantic, or simply hilarious! We observe the dress, their vows and those hair do's! And we may also observe the certificate, or the "licence". Often, it's...

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This is it! Your Wedding Day has arrived!

We all know so much preparation goes into a wedding to make it just perfect. Everybody just wants to have a super day. Here are four handy tips for your wedding day to ensure that you are have a great time on one of the biggest days in your life... Here's some...

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Do we really need a wedding rehearsal?

You Betcha!! Ok, there may be some exceptions to this statement, like if you are having a hot air balloon wedding, or if you are having a very small wedding, or if you aren’t having a bridal party. Every other time, it’s beneficial for couples, bridal parties, and...

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