Commitment Ceremonies

Celebrate your love now…

Through commitment ceremonies – We may have to wait for the government to play catch up to changing the law to what over 70% of Australia’s population wants; for all people, regardless of their gender to have the right to marry. Love is love.

I can help you celebrate your love and commitment to each other now through commitment ceremonies – they’re exactly the same as a wedding ceremony without all the legal stuff. You can include words and stories that symbolise your love for each other and shout it to the world!

We are getting closer and I’m confident that one day very soon, I won’t even have to include a separate category on this!!!

“Love is you need…all you need is love.”

More than ever these simple words carry so much meaning and significance.


“Celebrant Maree creates vibrant and stylish personal weddings and commitment ceremonies across Melbourne. With 17 years’ experience, Maree can help you celebrate a memorable event that truly reflects you and the love you share” Love is Love.

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